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Spain x Romano
(NC 15)

It was a sunny day like always in Italy, and Romano was lying on the couch.
He did this very often.
Italy(North-Italy) wasn't home because he always went to his Germany to bake some Kuchen*.
'Aah... shikshou..." mumbled Romano while he was watching some cooking channel on the television.
Romano felt lonely, he was sad and felt frustrated as well.

-Ding Dong...- The bell rang.
Romano angered and walked to the door.
'Ah, Kono yaro..." said Romano when Spain walked it.
'How are you doing Romano?" asked Spain the Italian. 'What are you doing here Kono yard?'
answered Romano. 'I was wondering if you're alright.' said the Spaniard.
Romano mumbled: 'I'm okay, just go back home' while he was pushing Spain a bit to the front door.
'C'mon Romano, there's something wrong with you, you look sad. Lie down, then I'll talk to you about your emotions.'
Romano went red and shouted : 'I don't need any therapy Kono yaro! I'm fine okay?!"
Spain smiled. 'I'll give your therapy for free okay?' 'Free?' Romano looked up.
Spain nodded. Romano lied down on the couch again looking at the ceiling.
'Tell me how you feel.' Began Spain.
'No!' shouted Romano while turning his head.
'C'mon Romano, I want to help you, see there ís something wrong with you."
'I feel lonely...' said Romano suddenly very quietly.
Spain smiled : 'Is that everything Romano?'
'I'm not going to tell you éverything what's on my mind Kono yaro!'
Romano was even more frustrated now.
'I'm not going to tell yóu!'
Spain still smiled. 'Okay I see...
'So you're 100 % sure there's nothing else then?'
Romano mumbled back.
'Or are you just 69 % sure?' Romano suddenly looked up.
'Ah, then you're looking up né?' Said Spain.
'Kono yaro!' Romano turned around and put the blanket over himself.
Romano mumbled : 'Leave me alone...'
Spain began: 'You're sexually frustrated'
'Leave me alone and go away !' Shouted Romano back.
Spain put his book away and lied down next to Romano.
'W-what are you d-doing K-kono yaro?' Romano said a little panting.
Spain began to breath and whisper in Romano's ear: 'I know you want to Romano.'
'A-ah...' Romano felt tears getting in his eyes.
Spain began to caress Romano's leg and searched for the opening of his pants.
Romano began to breath more heavily : 'P-please s-stop...'
Spain smiled even more and put his hand in Romano's boxers feeling
Romano was really sexually frustrated because he was already hard.
'I-ie...O-onegai...' panted Romano while Spain was caressing Romano's crotch.
'Ah... Romano you're so hard. Who were you thinking of?' asked Spain and he smirked
while getting hard himself. 'O-omae...' Romano felt really hot but suddenly came to his
senses and pushed Spain away.
'What's w-wrong R-romano?' asked Spain. 'Never touch me again Kono yaro!' shouted
Romano back while he ran to his bedroom.
'Oi!' Spain shouted while he walked upstairs as well.
Romano laid in bed with all his blankets over him.
He was really frustrated, angrily and sexually.
Suddenly Spain knocked on the door. He came in.
'Leave me alone Shikshou... go away' began Romano again.
Spain laid himself next to the hot Italian. Romano mumbled again .
Spain hugged Romano; 'It's going to be alright'.
Romano blushed and kept quiet.
Spain smiled and turned Romano towards him.
'Are you okay?' Romano shook his head and looked down.
Suddenly Spain lifted Romano's chin and kissed his wet lips.
'You're so kawaii Romano.' smiled Spain.
Romano suddenly mumbled something. 'What did you say Romano?' asked Spain.
'I-i......' 'Gh.. K-kono yaro!' shouted Romano as always.
Spain smiled : 'I love you too Romano'.
They hugged each other again.
'C'mon Romano.. Let's eat some tomatoes.'

* Kuchen : German for applepie ^^
NC 15 YAOI (Boy x Boy)

Well, my first fanfic ever uploaded on the internet.
I first wanted to make it NC17 but I'm still too shy for those things.
Omg,, I love Spamano so much XDXD

Original characters by Hidekaz Himaruya
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kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is cute but what does kono yaro mean
Morbylover Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
Thanks ^^ kono yaro is something that Romano always says ,, in the anime series as well ,, it means 'you bastard' ^^~ ;)
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome I figured its not English so I couldn't tell
Morbylover Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Hehe,, no prob ;-)
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